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Sphagnum Chile

Sphaigne.com offers a variety of Sphagnum from the island of Chiloe, west of Chile. Sphagnum moss is from the wetlands and offers remarkable features and properties that enable it to be potentially used in many completely innovative ways. The moss is ideal for making a living wall outside or inside and a green roof. The moss has many advantages for horticulture ...

Properties of sphagnum

  • High absorption and water retention capacity, sphagnum moss is can store 20 times its volume in water thanks to its lightweight texture.
  • The moss is antibacterial and protected against rot, diseases and parasites with a naturally acidic pH level of 4.8. Using chemical regulators can therefore be avoided.
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation...
  • 100% organic and biodegradable sphagnum is reusable: just wash it, let it dry in the sun and eliminate what is damaged in order to use it again.

Sphagnum for horticulture

The peat has already shown itself useful to manufacturers of certain products for large retailers, including baby diapers and sanitary towels ... but the moss is now in the process of becoming a very popular product among horticulture professionals and even individuals.